LOCTITE ResinolŽ 90C / 5008 Activator



LOCTITE® Resinol® 90C™ is a water washable, heat cure sealant for porous materials. It cures to form a durable thermoset plastic by free radical polymerization when exposed to temperatures above 176°F (80°C).

LOCTITE® Resinol® 90C™ is recommended for low to medium volume applications in the automotive, OEM supplier, defense/aerospace and other industries. It is highly effective for sealing microporosity in metal castings, powdered metal parts, weldments and other porous substrates.

LOCTITE® Resinol® 90C™ is compliant with Military Specification Mil-I-17563 Rev. C-Class 1.

4 gallon container:

LOCTITE® Resinol® 90C™ MSDS
LOCTITE® Resinol® 90C™ TDS


LOCTITE® AA 5008 Activator

80 gm. container:

LOCTITE® AA 5008 Activator MSDS
LOCTITE® AA 5008 Activator TDS


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