Pro-Chem ProDraw 722 Tapping Lubricant / Cutting Lubricant, 5 Gallons

SKU #: PD722-5

Pro Draw 722X is a direct replacement for Castrol Safety Draw 722X, which has been discontinued.

Pro Draw 722X is a high-performing, all-metal tapping and cutting lubricant that is almost odorless.

This chlorinated wax/oil gel concentrate is chemically engineered to cling to your tap or tooling. It provides the ultimate in tapping and cutting lubricant performance for all ferrous metals, also aluminum, Inconel and others. Pro Draw 722 is well-suited to almost every machining operation, including heavy-duty forming, threading, gear cutting, CNC tapping, external broaching, blind hole tapping, peck drilling and reaming, and extruding.

Pro Draw 722X is used as received by dipping or flooding and can be diluted with mineral oil or mineral spirits for less demanding applications.

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Test / Results:

Appearance = Light-amber, clear, thick gel
Odor = Almost odorless
Specific Gravity = 1.031
Flash Point = 375°F C.O.C.

Keywords: tapping lubricant, cutting lubricant