Petro Canada Purity FG2 Food Machinery Grease, 10/14.1 oz. tube carton.


Purity FG2 Food Machinery Grease is a multi-purpose lubricant for all food processing applications, including mixing, cooking, stirring, baking, frying, packaging, canning and bottling. It has excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance, and maintains consistency in the presence of food acids, juices and byproducts. It is especially effective in food plant applications running under heavy loads, or subject to temperature extremes and is highly resistant to lubricant breakdown and water washout.

FG2 Machinery Grease has an operating range of -40°F to 392°F, (intermittently to 482°F.) and is pumpable down to -31°F. The service life of Purity FG2 Food Machinery Grease is typically twice that of standard mineral-based grease. NLGI Grade 2.

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