Castrol Syntilo 9954 Synthetic Coolant

Castrol Syntilo 9954 Synthetic Coolant, 5 Gallons

SKU #: 02098-P

Castrol Syntilo 9954 Synthetic Coolant is a heavy-duty machining fluid for ferrous metals, including stainless steel and alloys. 

This oil-rejecting synthetic coolant was engineered for high feed and speed, and performs exceptionally well as a replacement for neat cutting oil in gun drilling, gear hobbing and broaching.  It is well-suited to the most difficult operations.

Syntilo 9954 rejects tramp oil to the surface and is low foaming in all water conditions.  Its high-performing formula prevents bi-metallic corrosion and inhibits microbial growth to extend fluid life.

This synthetic coolant is safe for equipment with copper, brass and bronze components.

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Recommended Applications and Dilutions

Grinding: 3-6%
Machining: 5-10%

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