Castrol Rustilo 4135 Rust Preventive Film

Castrol Rustilo 4135 HF Rust Preventive Film, 5 Gallons

SKU #: 09016-5

Castrol Rustilo 4135 HF Rust Preventive Film displaces freestanding water, emulsions and alkaline cleaners with a protective film that provides up to 12 months indoor protection.

This solvent-dispersed rust preventive also protects against acid atmospheres. When used straight, a single coat protects ferrous and nonferrous parts stored in or near acidic environments.

The thin film of this popular rust preventive suppresses fingerprints to protect handled parts.

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Recommended Applications and Dilutions

For best results and effective water displacement, Rustilo® 4135 HF should be applied by dipping. Spraying is acceptable if the spray equipment is set to apply an adequate coating. Rustilo 4135 HF can easily be removed with an alkaline cleaner.

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