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Accurate Syn Hyd Oil ISO 68, 400 lb. Drum

SKU #: 100122-8

Accurate Synthetic Hydraulic Oil, ISO 68 is a high quality, shear-stable hydraulic oil that performs well within a wide temperature window – a major benefit during cold start-up.  It provides exceptional anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties, so drain intervals can often be stretched.  Their air separation capability reduces foaming and maintains lubrication where small amounts of moisture are an issue. 

Accurate Synthetic Hydraulic Oils are ideally suited to multi-metal system designs, also systems that use bearings and gears, and those involving heavy loads.  They are ideal for high pressure (and high output) pumps, machine tools, and applications that are prone to the deposit formation.  High oxidation resistance allows oil and filter intervals to be extended.


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