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Accurate Gear EP 320, 400 lb. Drum

SKU #: 260132-D

Accurate Gear Oil ISO 320 is a superior performance gear oil that provides outstanding load carrying and EP characteristics. They are ideal for enclosed gear drives with circulating or splash lubrication, and for marine gearing applications such as winches and cranes.  Non-gear applications include heavily loaded and slower speed contact bearings.

Accurate ISO Series Gear Oils have a balanced formula that combines maximum corrosion and wear protection with robust resistance to emulsification and foaming.  All are compatible with a wide range of seal materials, a benefit that helps prevent oil leaks, and keeps contaminants away from critical components.  These ISO Series oils operate at bulk oil temperatures up to 212oF.

Accurate ISO Gear Oils are outstanding multi-purpose oils for manufacturing facilities.  They are highly recommended for material handling systems, process equipment, HVAC and other heavy service applications. 

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