Smart fluids management is the single most important thing a shop can do to:

  • maximize equipment service life
  • eliminate unscheduled downtime
  • reduce chemical costs
  • cut waste –and
  • achieve the highest quality end products

For more than two decades, Acculube has supplied a broad range of oils, lubricants, coolants
and metalworking fluids to manufacturers and job shops. We also provide comprehensive fluids testing and analysis that can maximize the life of both fluids and machinery by selective filtration, contaminant neutralization and fluids re-balancing.

Acculube customers typically achieve a three-or-fourfold increase – (yes, 300 to 400% more!)
in fluid life using Acculube systems.

Acculube supplies industrial fluids from these leading brands…

If you use lubricants, coolants, waste treatment chemicals, cleaners, quenchants, or other manufacturing fluids, Acculube can provide the products, equipment and tools to boost shop efficiency – and improve your bottom line.
Beginning . . . right now.